Dog walking is a fun, relaxing and sociable way to keep fit.

A dog loves nothing more than a walk (except maybe playing, and being fussed, and sniffing things, and chasing things, and food) - but it can have great benefits to us humans too. You've never been more popular than when you're out walking a dog so it can be a great way to get to meet new people and to develop social skills. A walk in the park with a four legged friend can also be extremely therapeutic, making it a great way to improve people's mental wellbeing as well as their physical health.

Our supported dog schemes specialise in support for people who have a learning disability or an autistic spectrum disorder and support is provided by people who are trained and experienced in these areas.

Those attending the service are supported to walk the dogs we visit as part of our dog walking service. We have dogs to match all levels of mobility and confidence. For those who struggle to walk 60 minutes without a rest we can arrange for regular rest-stops or even stop at a local dog-friendly cafe.

All our dog walkers are risk assessed and matched only with dogs who are appropriate to their strengths and walking style. Our strict vetting process means that dogs with a history of threatening or aggressive behaviour are not walked as part of our supported dog walking scheme.

You can register for any of our supported dog walking services by completing our registration form.

For more information on the costs of attending Barks & Recreation please click here. People using the service often pay through support hours provided by social services, direct payments or their own finances.