Please use the form below to register for our supported dog walking service.

Please note that places are limited in order to ensure the safety of the people who attend the service as well as the dogs we walk. As a result you may be placed on a short waiting list.

If you do not wish to register yet but have something you'd like to ask first, please visit our contact page and leave your details with us so we can get in touch.


Registration Form

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We believe all pet dogs deserve to be cared for but if you let us know the type of dog you prefer we may be able to pair you with one, if appropriate.
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Please note that we support people who use the service to walk dogs. We are unable to provide support for additional care needs such as personal care or medication administration.
Barks & Recreation can be privately funded or through direct payments. Please tell us how you intend to pay for using the service: *
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Our supported services are very popular and there may be limited availability on specific days. Please tick the days on which you are available to attend.
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I am aware that Barks & Recreation staff members are not able to administer any medication or attend to any personal care needs. Should I attend Barks & Recreation with a carer I acknowledge that they are responsible for any of my care needs beyond the safe walking of the dog. Should I attend Barks & Recreation without a carer I am in agreement that by attending I do not normally require any additional care needs beyond the safe walking of the dog. I am in agreement that I am in a suitable condition to undertake the role expected of me at Barks & Recreation. I declare that all information given above is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I acknowledge that a series of control measures and risk assessments are in place for the safety of myself, the dog and others and must be followed to ensure everybody at Barks & Recreation is kept as safe as possible. While every effort is made to keep everyone safe I accept that dogs can at times display unpredictable behaviour which may lead to personal injury and do not hold Barks & Recreation responsible for any injury that occurs to myself due to this.
Notice of Cancellation *
We politely ask that people using the service give a weeks notice prior to cancelling any sessions at Barks and Recreation, if possible. Cancelling within a 24 hour period of the session will incur the full cost of the session to be paid at the next possible opportunity. We ask politely that regular bookings pay a session in advance.