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Supported Dog Walking

one-to-one and shared support to walk dogs


Supported Dog Walking

one-to-one and shared support to walk dogs

Get fit, lose weight, improve your mood, make new friends… there are lots of great reasons to walk dogs with us - we don’t mind as long as you’re having fun!

Our supported dog walking service provides one-to-one and shared support to people to walk dogs. The people who use our service are supported to walk the dogs we visit as part of our dog walking service.


get fit/lose weight

Walking is a great method of gentle exercise. Add a dog and it becomes a fun way to get fit, whatever the weather.

Our walks are tailored to your needs - so if you’d like to walk slowly or stop for a rest then that’s fine.


Improve your mood

Spending time with dogs and exercising regularly can help to improve your mental wellbeing - improving mood and motivation.

We regularly walk in peaceful green areas like parks and canals.


Make new friends

Dog walking can help create social opportunities as dog walkers often stop and chat to each other. Alternatively you could share your dog walk with a friend, or let us partner you with somebody with similar interests to help you make a new friend.


Have fun!

Whatever your reasons for wanting to walk dogs with us, we don’t mind as long as you’re having fun!

We have dogs to match all levels of mobility and confidence. For those who struggle to walk 60 minutes without a rest we can arrange for regular rest-stops or even stop at a local dog-friendly cafe. All our dog walkers are risk assessed and matched only with dogs who are appropriate to their strengths and walking style. Our strict vetting process means that dogs with a history of threatening or aggressive behaviour are not walked as part of our supported dog walking scheme.

For more information on the costs of attending Barks & Recreation please click here. Support provided by Barks & Recreation can be funded through direct payments.