This service looks to provide all the support required for older people and those who have a physical disability to care for their dogs.

Our unique older person and physical disability service aims to improve dog welfare and prevent social isolation by helping people with reduced mobility to continue to care for their dogs.

Dogs make great companions, but looking after a four legged friend can also become difficult if you're unable to walk or clean-up after it.

This service aims to:

- Prevent social isolation by ensuring a dog can remain with its owner despite their owners reduced mobility.

- Ensure a dog is walked regularly, preventing issues with destructive or disruptive behaviour and toileting needs.

- Book and taxi a dog for appropriate dog grooming when required.

- Assist with making vet appointments for flea, worming, check-ups or if there is a concern for the dogs health.

- Deliver dog food, supplies and toys.


To register your interest in this service please get in touch.