As you may already be aware we have been operating a supported dog walking service in the community since March 2017 which has already helped to benefit the mental and physical health of the people we support. We soon hope to agree a lease on a property that would allow us to expand our services to include the following:

Dog Grooming Salon - Provide affordable but quality dog grooming services to the community. Support adults to perform the role of dog groomers assistant, teaching new skills, offering experience and the possibility of employment in an area of work that they feel passionate about.

Dog Boutique - A retail space selling a range of dog supplies that provides experience and possible job opportunties for the people using the service.

Training Facilities - A training room to host a range of courses, promoting the welfare of dogs through courses such as dog first aid, and improving opportunities for people to find employment through courses such as CV building classes.

Dog Assisted Therapy - A dedicated dog assisted therapy room will offer a range of structured and non-structured, formal and informal dog assisted therapy.

To help us achieve this we have created a Crowdfunder page. We hope to raise £1000 through the advanced sales of some of the products that will be available in our boutique including greeting cards, calendars and bundles of dog goodies. In addition to these there is also the opportunity to donate or to purchase naming rights of our training and dog-assisted therapy rooms.

All money raised will be used to develop the dog assisted therapy and training programmes for the people who use the service.

You can donate via our Crowdfunder page here.