This afternoon we attended a dog first aid course at Canine Health & Hydro in Clitheroe. which we hope will ensure the dogs we groom, walk and board are safe should an accident occur. The course covers topics such as stopping bleeding, tended to burns/scalding, drowning, poisoning and CPR.

To help prevent accidents we carefully risk assess each dog and person that uses our service, and on our supporting dog walking service only pair them together when suitable and felt safe for both individual and dog.

During the sign-up procedure we ask for fifteen minutes of your time to answer some questions about your dog such as health history, behavioural issues and emergency contacts, which may be imperative to preventing an accident, limiting stress or even saving your dog in an emergency situation.

As the organisation grows we will make sure each team member has attended a dog first aid course. This will not only help see that the dogs we walk, groom and board receive the appropriate help in a health emergency but also those that we see in the community.