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Dog Walking



Dog Walking


We operate a dog walking service in the community. As dog owners ourselves we like to think we understand the needs of fellow dog owners which is why we go beyond providing 'just a dog walk'.

We've tailored our dog walking services to meet the various needs of the dogs and their owners. We understand that letting a stranger take care of your dog is a massive thing (we've been there!) never mind allowing them access to your home while you're out. To put your mind at rest we have DBS (formerly CRB) police clearance. We also insist on meeting you and your dog for a brief walk and talk to make sure everybody is happy and comfortable before anything is agreed.

We take a photo of your dog while they're out and about - but only when it's safe to do so - and upload it to our website so you know exactly what they've been up to during the day. After the walk we're happy to place dog-towels in the washing machine, re-fill toys, water plants, leave a radio on, feed cats, open/close curtains or anything else you need from us during the allocated time - all for no extra cost. Just let us know what you need.

This service runs alongside our supported dog walking service. Our dog walkers are supported by trained and DBS (formerly CRB) cleared staff to ensure all dogs are walked safely. To ensure the dogs we walk are as safe as possible throughout we undertake a series of safety measures:

- We risk assess each dog walker and dog. They are paired only when it has been deemed safe to do so.

- We are trained in dog first aid.

- We use two and three handed leads to ensure the dog is kept safe.

- We will never group-walk dogs from multiple households.

- We will never let a dog off their lead until they're safely back home.


If you have any questions about our dog walking service please contact us or alternatively you can complete our online dog walking enquiry form.

Please note that due to the nature of our service we are unable to walk any dog that has shown aggressive behaviour towards other dogs or humans.


Price List

30 minutes - From just £6

45 minutes - From just £7.50

60 minutes - From just £9

Price given is for regular bookings for one dog, subject to location.

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Supported Dog Walking


Supported Dog Walking


Dog walking is a fun, relaxing and sociable way to keep fit.

A dog loves nothing more than a walk (except maybe playing, and being fussed, and sniffing things, and chasing things, and food) - but it can have great benefits to us humans too. You've never been more popular than when you're out walking a dog so it can be a great way to get to meet new people and to develop social skills. A walk in the park with a four legged friend can also be extremely therapeutic, making it a great way to improve people's mental wellbeing as well as their physical health.

Our supported dog schemes specialise in support for people who have a learning disability or an autistic spectrum disorder and support is provided by people who are trained and experienced in these areas.

Those attending the service are supported to walk the dogs we visit as part of our dog walking service. We have dogs to match all levels of mobility and confidence. For those who struggle to walk 60 minutes without a rest we can arrange for regular rest-stops or even stop at a local dog-friendly cafe. As well as our standard supported dog walking service, we also provide:


Social Dog Walking

We also arrange social dog walks, pairing people with similar interests and providing them with an opportunity to bond over a dog walk and potentially make new friends.


Travel Training

Given the responsibility of keeping Agent G (Georgie the pug) safe in the community, people using the service are empowered to keep themselves safe in a fun way. Supported by Barks & Recreation support workers, people using the service learn how to cross roads, use pedestrian crossings and cross railway tracks safely. They are able to use the service to learn safe routes in their local community to maximise their independence - such as the walk to the shops, walking to a friends or family members house or walking to the bus stop.


All our dog walkers are risk assessed and matched only with dogs who are appropriate to their strengths and walking style. Our strict vetting process means that dogs with a history of threatening or aggressive behaviour are not walked as part of our supported dog walking scheme.

You can register for any of our supported dog walking services by completing our registration form.

For more information on the costs of attending Barks & Recreation please click here.