Dog Grooming



Dog Grooming


Our grooming services run alongside our supported dog grooming service, supporting people to learn new skills and improve their physical health, mental wellbeing and social skills in a real work environment.

why choose us?

  • City & Guilds Level 3-trained dog groomers.

  • We offer a relaxing environment for your dog, with appointments arranged as such to avoid dogs being rushed in and out.

  • We limit the number of dogs in our salon at one time - making your dogs visit to us an enjoyable one.

  • We offer a free consultation to help you and your dog feel comfortable when visiting us.

  • Trained in dog behaviour and dog first-aid.


What do others say?

"Our little Daisy loved her puppy grooming session."

"Marcel our Frenchie... left looking and smelling amazing!"

"This is a one of a kind service."

"Lovely owner, great services..."


how much will it cost?

All prices given are approximate and will differ on assessment depending on a dogs breed, size, behaviour and coat condition. For a more accurate price we would be more than happy to arrange a time to meet with you and your dog(s).



A discounted luxury wash for all breeds. Includes a wash, shampoo and blow-dry. As this service is limited to one hour, large or double-coated dogs may still be damp in places. The customer may pay extra to complete the drying process if desired.

FULL PAMPER GROOM WITH DE-SHEDDING - XS £20+ / S £22+ / M £25+ / L £30+ / XL £37+

Include wash with de-shedding shampoo, hand dry, blow dry, brush, nail clip, de-shedding, ears and folds clean, soothing paw wax, fragrance and bow tie or bandana. This service is suitable for dogs such as Labrador Retrievers, Pugs, Shiba Inu's etc.


Full PAMPER Groom with styling - XS £28+ / S £30+ / m £33+ / l £38+ / XL £45+

Includes wash with coat-specific shampoo, hand dry, blow dry, brush, hygiene clip, nail clip, breed-specific styling, ears and folds clean, soothing paw wax, fragrance and bow tie or bandana. This service is suitable for dogs such as Springer Spaniels, Cockapoo's, Shih-Tzu's etc.


Full PAMPER groom with hand-strip - XS £43+ / s £45+ / m £48+ / L £53+ / XL 60+

Includes hand-strip, nail clip, ears and folds clean, soothing paw wax, fragrance and bow tie or bandana. A wash is then arranged 14 days after the original appointment (included within the cost). This service is suitable for dogs with wiry hair such as Border Terriers, Jack Russell Terriers, Cairn Terriers etc.


Puppy Introduction GROOM - ALL PUPPIES just £10

The dogs that are difficult to groom are often the dogs that weren't introduced to grooming as a youngster. They also take longer and therefore cost more money to have groomed. You can help your pup feel more comfortable at the groomers and save money in the long-run by introducing them to a groomer from a young age.

Our puppy introductions are for dogs aged between three and six months. The service introduces your puppy to the bath, blow drying, nail clipping, ear cleaning and scissoring.


Additional grooming services

De-matting - full PAMPER groom + surcharge

On occasions where a dogs coat is matted there will be an additional fee to cover the extra work involved. Before we agree to groom a dog with severe matting you will be asked to read and sign a disclaimer form that explains the effects of matting pre and post-groom. The surcharge will vary depending on the severity of the matting.


flea treatment - bath + £15 surcharge

To protect your dogs and reduce the risk of infestation we have a no-groom policy with regards to dogs and fleas. Should we find fleas on any dog during its visit it is bathed and washed using flea shampoo and the owner will be asked to collect. Please do not be embarrassed - any dog can get fleas - but it's important that the dog visits the vets for appropriate flea treatment.

The cost of this service covers the bath with flea shampoo and salon treatment that will prevent infestation.


nail clipping - from £6

Price varies depending on behaviour. All breeds - £6 to £10



cancelation policy

Due to a number of last-minute cancelations and no-shows we have reluctantly made the decision to implement a cancelation policy.

Anybody not attending or canceling their appointment with less than 24 hours notice will be asked to pay the full cost of the missed groom on their next appointment.



Please email us or telephone 01772 381062. Please note that for new customers an appointment will only be confirmed following the payment of a deposit. Deposits can be made online or when visiting us at the shop.