You may attend Barks & Recreation for as little or as long as you like, from one to eight hours per day - subject to availability.

The price for attending our supported dog walking service is currently undergoing a review. Our rates include support/mentorship from an experienced support worker and trained dog professional, and can include transport and expenses as part of each session if required. Our social dog walks are priced at a reduced rate per person per hour. Organisations with a number of people interested in our service may wish to take advantage of our half and full day rates by spreading our support amongst a number of people during the half or full day session.

It should be noted that our staff are there to provide support with the dog and are not able to attend to additional support needs such as personal care or medication administration. Where additional care is required the person attending the service is welcome to attend with their own support such as a formal carer or family member.

The cost for attending can be funded in a number of ways, including use of direct payments. Depending on how your support is funded you may wish to seek assistance from your support provider or social worker.


Price List

Our prices are currently under review and are likely to change in the near future.